The list below contains the most frequently asked questions that I receive from clients. I hope these answers will clarify things for you too.

What is a “holistic approach” and how can it help me?

A holistic approach looks at the entirety of your being – your thoughts, feelings, body, and spirit. It’s still quite revolutionary in the field of psychology, but likely to become mainstream.

This approach is empowering because it promotes the use of practical tools for self-healing. It helps you understand how your beliefs, lifestyle, and even food choices directly affect your mood (as well as your confidence to create the life you want).

To me, Spirit is what makes you who you are, with your particular way of expressing yourself and how you behave in the world.

Our bodies, minds, and emotions are all shaped by our environment, upbringing, education, culture, ancestral history, and the collective unconscious. Spirit is what makes you, you. It’s your unique characteristic.

I believe that spirit pervades everything around us and consequently is the base of the world we see around us. The following quote from David Bohn – British quantum physicist – captures my worldview:

The field of the finite is all that we can see, hear, touch, remember, and describe. This field is basically that which is manifest, otangible. The essential quality of the infinite, is its subtlety, its intangibility. This quality is conveyed in the word Spirit, whose root meaning is “wind or breath.” This suggests an invisible, but pervasive energy to which the manifest world of the finite responds. This energy, or Spirit, infuses all living beings, and without it any organism must fall apart into its constituent elements. That which is truly alive in the living being is the energy of Spirit, and this is never born and never dies.

Life coaching is designed to help ambitious and motivated people (like you!) achieve the outcomes that will bring them fulfilment. It’s a process of taking control of your life by purposefully moving towards your goals.

It works on the premise that you already have everything you need to do this, and that the only thing you’re missing is the right guidance. If you feel there’s a more fulfilled, authentic, successful, healthy, and confident you waiting to come out, working with a coach will make this process easier and quicker.

Essentially, life coaching helps you to become the best version of yourself.

One way to think of the difference between the two is that a therapist helps to heal your past, while a coach helps to build your future. Of course, there’s a lot of overlap in these goals.

Many therapists can and do help with personal and spiritual growth, while many coaches help you overcome the chains of your past. The focus of the therapist, however, is on healing emotional and psychological distress, while the focus of the coach is to aid in personal and spiritual transformation.

A life coach will meet with you less often than a therapist and will empower you to be more proactive in creating change. They’ll ask you to take action between the sessions and take responsibility for your process.

Rather than helping you with your mental health, a life coach helps you to:

1) Identify the blocks to your personal growth, healing, or transformation
2) Discover and access your wealth of inner resources
3) Apply a variety of change tools and techniques to achieve your desired goals
4) Get out of your comfort zone and achieve more than you ever thought was possible!

A life coach will also keep you accountable on the way so that you can stay focused and achieve your aims.

Life coaching is right for you if you have a clear vision of how you want your life to be. You don’t need to know exactly what needs to happen, but you do need to have a “target” in mind.

Booking a session with me gives you the chance to clarify the areas you want to address and see if life coaching is the right fit for your needs at this moment in time.

You’ll just know it after we’ve spoken! Your intuition (or ‘inner knowing’) will be clear, it’ll feel right. You’ll feel the pull towards the life you want and you’ll be certain I’m the right person to help you get there. With Inner Knowing, it’s either Yes or No. There is no in-between, so if you have doubts or if you want me to convince you, then it means working with me is not for you right now. 

Yes! We’ll discuss this during our first session, and once you’ve made the decision to start a coaching program, when booking your first appointment you’ll be guided through a questionnaire to help you identify your goals.

It depends. You can choose different packages with a specific number of sessions to use within 3 or 6 months.

Sessions are usually 1-2 weeks apart unless agreed otherwise. Between the sessions, you’ll have access to me via text and email.

If you’re looking for immediate high impact support, I also offer a one-off 90 minute transformation session. This is often enough to course-correct your life path!

I design the coaching package based on your individual needs, so each coaching package is different and unique.

After our first session, I’ll tailor a program that’s designed to help you reach your particular goals.

Options range from a high impact one-off transformational session to a personalised coaching program which includes a set number of 1-hour face to face appointments along with additional support tools such as tailored meditations, personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations, psychological change techniques, action plans, spiritual practices, and further resources and recommendations.  

Simply book a session with me here.

Once you’ve chosen the package that suits you best, all you need to do is make your payment and book your first meeting. When you book your first session, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire to help you crystallise your goals.

Yes! It’s easy for you to pay in instalments. Please email me directly to arrange this.

No. I no longer accept referrals from insurance companies.

I choose to work only with direct bookings, so there are no intermediaries in the energy exchange between me and my clients. If you need to submit a receipt to your insurer for a refund, I’m always very happy to provide that, but if you want to book through the insurance company I’m afraid I’m not your person.

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